The Yellow Fever: It’s Real

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First things first, it is not the acute viral haemorrhagic disease that is transmitted by infected mosquitoes, I’m talking about the other one. This yellow fever is when a white man has a preference over Asian women. The term is most likely to be described as white men who would only seem to date Asian women or even prefer them as their sexual fetishes. And it is actually a widespread phenomenon wherein data collected from online dating sites denoted that all men, except Asian men, would prefer to pursue Asian women. If you happen to be in Asian countries that have red light districts, you would most likely see a white man or white men entering or have entered an Asian brothel North Sydney. If questioned as to why they prefer Asians over others would vary depending on whom you ask. Some might say that Asian women are more tamed and submissive than their Caucasian counterparts, while others would say that it is a matter of preference wherein they use the physical attributes as their basis. The Caucasian counterparts and even from other races perceived Asian women, or even Asians to be this way because of how they have been presented by movies and media platforms.

Changing Tides

This is the 21st century and thus times have changed, and what comes along with that change is the changing of personality traits of Asian women. And even though that there has been a change in the way Asian women acts at present, there is still a growing lust of men over them. In terms of sexual activity, brothels since then offered to cater female escorts in order to feed the fetishes of men that fantasizes over them. Nonetheless, women today are more empowered today than the last century, women have more rights, and there are a lot of things that women can do just as the same as their male counterparts.Although yellow fever is not a problem nor will it be a growing problem in the future, I view this phenomenon to be a way of appreciating other races. With every appreciation comes along admiration, be it on their personal traits or their physical beauty, it is a way wherein it scratches off racism and focus on the romantic relationship between two persons without the judgment of their eyes, their skin colour, their language, and ethnicity. In light of all these, we have witnessed Asian women to be at par with men, and they should be. Yellow fever is only a way of which men of different ethnicities perceive Asian women as their suitable romantic partners, and the reason for that is subjective.

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