Throwing An Adult Toy Party

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Passion parties, or adult toy parties, are growing in popularity, as both male and female sex toys have become more common and less risque in general society. Sexual pleasure can be a healthy expression, and these stimulative objects help take the experience to the next level.

If you want to host your own passion adult party planner in Australia, choose a company that you can get behind and support. It’s hard to sell something you don’t believe in 100%, so do your research and find a brand you love. Also make sure the company has a flexible sales system, one that allows you to adjust your workload according to any other jobs you might have, such as care taking. Most companies set you up with a consultant, someone who provides the item samples, information packets, ordering paperwork, etc. Your responsibility as an adult party planner is to invite your friends and provide the fun.

Adult subject matter is a sensitive topic, so invite people you trust: your closest friends and maybe some family, and make sure everyone is age-appropriate and mature enough to handle the content. Keep invitations private, whether by post or e-mail, and don’t share your event publicly on social media, as some guests may not want to advertise their attendance. Keep decorations and food platters simple: inexpensive hor d’oeuvres or snack platters should do the trick. There’s no need for phallic-shaped food or decorative items, as you’ll have enough of those in your seller’s content. A special fruity cocktail is a nice touch, and you should provide a non-alcoholic version for those who want to stay grounded.

If your guests aren’t all familiar with each other, make it a comfortable environment by starting the party with an ice-breaking activity or two. It doesn’t have to be anything formal, just a way to get people to laugh and feel at ease with each other. Also, make sure you and your consultant are on the same page with content, starting the party by showcasing smaller general items, such as vibrators and lubes. Depending on who attends your party, you don’t have to get into the heavier stuff (intense vibrators, BDSM, role play, etc.) until the end, if at all.

An adult sex toys in Australia is the perfect place to ask and answer questions about adult products. Have your consultant provide samples, so people can observe items, feel the consistency of gels, and get an idea of measurements. It’s not recommended for people to actually try out toys, although consultants can provide sterilised items for allergy-testing purposes. After items have been showcased, give your guests the option of discussing their orders with you or the consultant privately, in a separate room. Even if people are genuinely comfortable in the party’s environment, ordering sex toys can be a personal decision, and should be treated as such.

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